Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome to our December 2010 Market~ Photo Previews, part one

We're just about ready - The boxwoods and pots of groundcover have come indoors to the windowsill behind the lower level checkout.

This armoire came in yesterday (the Sunday load is still in the van~)

It has a unique feature - that center panel flips around to a mirror

The mirror is shown here - there's even a valet tray~

Primping, filling in - everywhere~

Faux fireplace, lanterns, and great new clocks

Shown in detail here - the metal number tags hang from pegs~

The oval clocks are popular, too

A peek at our pearl jewelry - and you probably know we have other jewelry styles and makers, too
Our lower level is just about ready

Another armoire - I love the paneled, European feel

We have great furniture and home decor, you'll have to look around and under all of our holiday!

Look up, around, and everywhere - it feels SO good here~

I'll take botanical, anytime~

And, light and bright, too~

So much more to show you - our upholstered pieces are arriving today, too~ So, expect to see more here very soon! OPEN hours are on the top/right sidebar~ TERESA


SecondhandKris said...

I want it all please!!!! LOVING the armoire with the turn around mirror - ooh la la!!

Anonymous said...

Looking twinkley and festive.Gotta see that armoire!!

TERESA said...

Thank you, and more photos later today! ~TERESA