Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little of both: holiday and moving ahead~

Holiday decorating continues in the apartment; the Atelier is full of holiday spirit (we're open every Thu-Fri-Sat in the Atelier shop level)---while January Market prep has begun in the PORCH shop level~

A favorite glass chandelier welcomes you in the apartment entry - hung now with vintage 5" silvered mirror-finish balls. Those five balls were found in their original box in the past year - and I've peeked in that box a dozen times, admiring them. The center ball (with feathery plume) is newer. OK - switch to the PORCH lower level entry. Change-out to our January 2011 Market (it's our annual 20% off anniversary sale!) has begun. The key word is FRESH.

We're always working ahead - repurposing, gathering - and here, pulling the chalky grays and soft golds together~
And, re-potting the boxwoods in an old box - I admire boxwood's glossy leaves all year round~

A new chandelier was unpacked, with its finishing touches yet to come~

The chandelier packing materials were - ooh, three pieces of thick, corrugated cardboard.

Let's see what we can do with them. Their natural color the way they are is great, but will I apply vintage wallpaper, making impromptu push-pin boards? I'll let you know~ TERESA


Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

My mind was going a hundred mph when I saw that cardboard.... have fun with that. I love it!

I hope to make it out in January I have missed so many of your wonderful sales.

have a Merry Christmas

TERESA said...

Thanks, Lori, I was very pleased to get your lovely comment this morning~ I'll have fun with the cardboard - now the pressure is on!

I'm flattered when you can make it here, and I'd love to see you at our January Market - (everything is 20% off, too).

Merry Christmas to you, too - TERESA