Monday, December 20, 2010

The Sunday Load 12-19-10

Not one load - but two in one day!

A nod to my old Dodge Caravan, and everything she takes on~ (Nods to sisters Mary and Jeanne, too - couldn't do it without you!)

And, the Atelier, that seems to expand to hold everything I bring in. My shop is also my work studio, in case you've ever wondered (hence, the name Atelier)~We unloaded, stacking around current vignettes and wrapping around and down each aisle~

Great console base with shelf and drawers, which holds....

.....the forged iron rack on the right. The arched cabinet top with chicken wire doors (left) has a base, too~
Two fully upholstered Parson-style chairs with covers~
Four Henredon dining armchairs. Showstoppers. They'll be available for one Market 'as found' - if they aren't snapped up within a month or so, the seats will be professionally reupholstered in new fabric.
Seven lamps are in the mix~ Among them, this olive mosaic pair (they do have shades)- I couldn't resist their quality or price. Maybe you won't be able to, either.
About a dozen framed prints. I like the way the table leg stands in this photo - is it showing off?
Trays - big ones.

As far as silks go, I'm one to usually pass - but I'll take a royal lemon leaf wreath anytime. There's always alot more to show you, including two smaller Alan cabinets that arrived on Saturday. Merry Christmas week to you! ~TERESA

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