Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sunday Load 12-5-10

We had a great weekend, a great sale, and we're happy to show you yesterday's Sunday Load finds~The best thing here? Well, second-best to all of you? Finding stuff.A full load - small furniture is in there with tons of 'smalls'~

We're passing the Atelier entrance garland as we haul it all in-

Saturday, this spot was the scene of our Sassy Cass Jewelry Trunk Show (more on that later).Yesterday, we unwrapped and filled it will new finds. Note the mirror right in front~
A great pair of candlesticks in the mix~A bright red trunk and stand with basket drawers~

Dessert forks

Woven wool pillows, bedding, glass - more more more~
There are a couple large champagne buckets in there - but, of course!
A few copper pieces

Pretty faux horn knife set~

Two oak counter stools, paired with a surprise table delivery by Alan~

A new style for Alan, this great counter-height console table (top: 53x19, 36" high). Note the pipe used as a stretcher across the base (a touch of industrial from Alan? Fun!). $199.

We'll see you again very soon with more about the jewelry trunk show~ TERESA

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