Saturday, December 11, 2010

We love smiles~

We're very lucky here - friendly openness from the people who stop by, and many belle amis (literal translation: beautiful friends - but think of the true meaning)~ We're told the ambiance in our great old building makes you feel good. I love that compliment, and it assures me that we're accomplishing one of the things that are most important to me here~
So, when Laura (click for a previous Laura post) stopped by with Mom - Shelly - yesterday - we knew we were in for a treat: an impromptu fashion show. (This pink cashmere sweater did go home with her, too.)

Laura loves choosing and trying on pieces from our secondhand clothing selections~
And, letting us take photos~

Pretty nice of her. Her adorable hat was bought on the streets of New York~

This jacket was in her bag when she left, too. Can't top her smile! (click for a second Laura post).

And, when she didn't buy this jacket, someone was waiting on the sidelines to snap it up! Thank you for modeling for us, Laura - we look forward to the next time.


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