Friday, January 21, 2011

The Atelier today~

It's been a productive week~

I'll show you a few of my favorite new projects in the Atelier~ I've been having fun with boxes and crates~Tuning them up: cleaning, tuning them up with gel stain, adding porcelain number tags~

Thinking organization and storage, and feeling really good about a few simple changes that tuned up some old boxes~
Linen curtain panels and a chandelier now hang in the south window at the top of the steps from the PORCH level~
Fresh lavender buds push away the winter doldrums here.
First quality blue, French, and what a treat to have a big bowl, welcoming you~
A spruce-up, freshen up feels so good - we're all about change~
Thanks for stopping by, TERESA


Linda Thiltgen said...

Oh I can almost smell that lavender. Heavenly! Look forward to the February market! Cheers, LT

Nordic Girl said...

Guess I have to make another trip to Buffalo to pick up some more,"Stuff". I love your shop and could spend all day there!!

TERESA said...

Merci, merci beaucoup, to both of you~ TERESA