Monday, January 31, 2011

Februrary 2011 Market Preview PART ONE

There's alot to show you, so let's start here~With something simple, like this frosting rose (ala prepackaged Wilton~) OK, then ease into it with a beautiful tiered table
Then, go all out for the furniture, the vignettes, all the stuff~
Original green chest~
One of the lower level ceilings papered and strung with flashcards and valentines~

An old typewriter, good for sending those love notes~

Pair of sunrise windows~

Aqua metal display case

Old lockers
Have you seen a tractor grille around lately?

Hand painted chest, Union Jack style~
You've noted we have a wonderful mix of styles and colors for you~Talent - from chic to chippy for you~
Collage as useful art formLet's ease toward the end for now, with a little garden~

....and some burlap

And wrap up with more of those roses. See you again in a day or two, with more! ~TERESA

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