Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Aren't you ready for something fresh? Something pretty? I am!
I dropped a hint here about our 'La Fleur' clips and brooches a couple weeks ago~

I like them - alot. I've seen things like these before, but never stopped to really experience them, or think about how to use them~

Brighten up your winter coat~

Or, clip onto your purse~
Wool felt~ Clips and brooches, two sizes. The larger brooches can be used in lots of ways, too - they have a pin back, in addition to the clip.

Handmade. Priced at $4.95 and $6.95.

The poppy was my first personal choice - they're the exact color of a frilly Icelandic poppy~
Oh, wait a minute - gorgeous organza, too~

Hand-stitched seed beeds on some~
Others have interesting brads, pearls, buttons...

....or rhinestones~Think Valentines Day - what an adorable gift package clip-on. I love things that are easy to mail, too~
We're pleased to have La Fleurs here, can you tell? Thank you to Melissa (La Fleur designer), and her sister and daughter, our fleur models today~

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