Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fancy is good, too~

I've seen them, but never found one myself. A chandelier-style table lamp~

It's the only thing that's come inside from the Sunday February 6 load!Regal, all glass, the perfect statement piece. I can think of several places she'd look great in the apartment. But, she's here for you. ($225). And, the Sunday load will come in this afternoon. This load is full of projects, and I can't wait to show you the one I'll start right away - 'tearing down' an old/old Frenchy side chair~

Our Saturday, February 5 jewelry trunk show could be called 'fancy', too~
Would you like to see a few pictures? I'll only show you what's still available, OK?

What a waistline on the boutique mannequin - she can wear a necklace for a belt~

The pale pink tulle waistwrap was a pretty touch~
One of my favorites - pretty hand-dyed silk ribbon, and the brass globe locket opens~

Watch for those tear-down photos tomorrow! Until then, TERESA


SecondhandKris said...

LOVE the lamp - but the mannequin.....ooooooh la la! She is scrumptious!

lovesoldstuff said...

Is the manequin for sale?

TERESA said...

Oh, she's wonderful, isn't she? She just 'visits' us for the jewelry trunk shows~