Friday, February 25, 2011

It's been taunting me all week~

The apartment daybed, that is~Maybe it just knows that I could use a little escape~
It already knew it was the best seat in the house, and then I had to go and primp it up, adding the old featherbed and soft French sheet~

Oh no, not my newest cookbooks and Jeanne d'Arc Living, too?

That old French sheet - heaven in the tight cotton/linen weave, the old soft pure white (you've already noted I didn't iron it....)
If you stopped by, I'd be insisting you sink in and relax a while~
March Market photos are on their way! We're open March 1 (Tues 9-12), 3-4-5 (Thu-Fri-Sat 9-5), 6 (Sun 12-5). ~TERESA


heather mize said...

Oh how I would love to sink into that gorgeous bed!

TERESA said...

Thank you Heather. It's an indulgent piece of furniture, and I love it.