Monday, February 28, 2011

MARCH Market Preview~ PART TWO

We're just about ready to say welcome to our March Market~ It's like getting ready for a big party - and we want every detail perfect for our guests: YOU~
We're all about the details, all the time~

A first peek at the freshly-arrived, newly upholstered chair. Gorgeous pearl-gray botanical toile. You'll see her details very soon~
Fresh grass plantings and and old Reliable egg scale~
What a novel way to use old crochet pieces - garland them and add flowers
These metal pieces are awesome grouped on a mirror, with their old pressed tin backdrop
Spring is in the air here~
We love a shield back chair
New! You'll find a fun clothing area in the lower level~
In the mix are handbags, belts...
I'll take a cluster necklace anytime~

This vintage-style pink coat brings back memories~
Lynn has a great cafe set: table, two chairs.
Oh, how fun to celebrate the arrival of Spring~
Debbie has her great mix of old stuff - this paint crate sign is $5
Larry brings us wonderful garden books all year~
And, this adorable green/blue cabinet to hold your garden supplies ($29)
A demilune window stops me every time
For holding the pretty blue/green/brown eggs waiting to come out - or maybe a fresh plant with moss.
Check back for more of those finishing touches in the coming days. And, we look forward to seeing you here. Open days/hours listed on the top right sidebar~ TERESA

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