Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PARIS-inspired jewelry

Do you love the fleur de lis?

It's everywhere now, how fun is that! The old triple leaf symbol of French royalty~

I'm happy to find cluster-style jewelry now, too. It was everywhere in PARIS last year, so I knew it would make its way here~

Our favorite Spring jewelry introduction? You must see these adorable PARIS disks~

You'll see these disks hanging from bead chain necklaces soon, too~
Rings, baubles, all kinds of fun pieces to 'Spring' up your look~

I love a wrapped canvas and everything you can do with it. A favorite heavy burlap-y fabric was stretched and stapled over a tired canvas (it's a good idea to have cardboard behind/right up against the canvas, too). You can add details around the edges like spaced tacks or nailhead trim, too.
Eh voila~ A push pin board to feature notes, jewelry and more. Note the fun French brass-head nails used here~
I wanted to be sure to feature these items today, because very soon it will be all about March 1, 3-4-5-6 shop photos. ~TERESA

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