Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sunday Load 2-13-11

It's Wednesday - do you still want to see some fun stuff that's arrived?
A table/desk - very retro, ready for paint~
And, the two stands that go with it. The top drawers are divided.
There's a cute floral painting in the mix~

A gateleg-style table with two additional leaves~
The two tables are actually ready to go out the door to the upholstery shop. New life as cool padded/fabric-covered ottomans~
Two metal chairs, comfy cocoa throw with ball fringes~

How about espresso for 16? I'd like that~
Now, to really throw everyone off around here - awesome faux plants in great pots. See the unfurling fiddlehead ferns on the left? Perfect for Spring, I can think of alot of places they'd be great! We're still planning the arrival of fresh plants, too~
Can't wait to show you the new Alan cabinet and chalkboard that have arrived~ TERESA

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Anonymous said...

Love everything you have, just wish I had more room at my place for the extra, "Stuff"!!