Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sunday load 2-20-11

Where to begin? There's so much to show you, and remember - it's sitting around the shop in just-hauled in condition~ The window. A bright aqua frame, no glass on bottom, two of the leaded panes are cracked on the bottom right of the top panel~

OK, lots of furniture to show you. Boring compared to the window for now. Is the March Market really next week? Yes!
A great highboy, Chippendale style - there's a counter-height chest, too

This table and six chairs came in a week ago. Turned table legs with casters, two leaves to extend its size. Six chairs (two with arms), olive velvet seats. $395 for the set~

I love a stunning vanity. This one makes me want to find a home for it myself. Her mirror is still on the floor - behind, along with more mirrors and a large, beautifully framed Madonna and child~
Can you see the four tiny, vertical-paned windows under the desk? Wonderful~

Yes, this is the state of the Atelier today~
Did you glimpse the vintage store display cabinet in the photo mix above?
It makes me just giddy!

Wouldn't we love to know the story? You'll be seeing more detail of this piece, soon~

Another piece in the rough, nice size and possibilities.
The smalls aren't even unpacked yet - you'll be seeing them around. The lower level is filling up, too, so much to show you - Until next time, thank you~ TERESA


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I check it frequently and get so excited when something new is posted. It's so fun and inspiring. Thanks for making my day!

heather mize said...

I LOVE that window! Great finds!

TERESA said...

Thank you! You both made MY day~