Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MARCH Market Preview~ PART THREE

Let's start with more about the chair~ Freshly dressed in pearly dove gray botanical linen toile~

Her seat deck has great length and sits well~

This closeup of the button-tufted cushion shows the bird pattern well

We like having her here, I wonder how long she'll stay?
Just like at home, having something soft in a great textile makes the shop complete~
Now - get ready - because the rest of this post will be all over the place~

Our long wall baskets are here!
That old glass display cabinet is playing the part of chic old garden shop~
My favorite French city: Angers (say it ahn-'soft' J)

Special enough for someone to save - now we can appreciate it~

I couldn't resist these awesome faux ferns, herbs and more - in great pots

They hold their own, right along with the plants fresh from the greenhouse~

Maidenhair fern

Mossy bright green fern

Faux pink rose pots have their place, too - they're pretty!

Fresh succulents in tiny pots

I'd love to comment on everything shown today - we'll let the photos speak for themselves~

Off to the shop, TERESA

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