Friday, March 11, 2011

Simple finds are the best~

Sunday's load (March 6) was fun~ I didn't get shots of everything else, but look at this fun find! Peek inside with me~
Let's dump them out and get a closer look!

A key 'stash'! I had already shopped through the sale, paid, and was ready to leave. There they were. How had I missed them?
Aren't they fun? (It would be even better if the photos oriented correctly.)
There's a lifetime of stories here, what could these keys tell us?
Love them in many ways - embossed details and all, even the heavier wire ring on the left-side key got my attention~
Here's a key to Rita's - there's one for Pat, too~

Isn't it fun to sort, ponder and just enjoy thinking about everything you could do with them? ~TERESA


Susan S. said...

Hi just popped in your blog from another and loved your post about Keys! you are right....there are SO many stories to tell. I like DOORS....I think they could tell great stories. All the comings and goings! I've added myself as a follwer. Come by and see my blog sometime! Happy Spring Ya'll From Houston!

TERESA said...

Thanks Susan, glad you found us! I like doors as well, too. Thanks for your upbeat note! ~TERESA