Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring touches all around~

Time for some tune-ups, and..........simple seasonal decorating is my style~
The Atelier entrance urns still sport their winter twigs, which were held in place by last summer's fluffy, graying catmint.

Let's add some wispy lavender bud stems - and fresh belts made of tulle~
We like to welcome you, and if it's all fancy-like, good~

On the PORCH side of the building, I took advantage of brisk Spring breezes to air three French feedsacks.
I found them almost a year ago at the Angers flea market. I knew they were dirty (who cared at the time?). I didn't know how dirty - so they were delegated to wait a while. The fresh air did about 50% of the work for me, but more attention is needed!

The Atelier gazebo top has been transformed, too. My daughter, Rachel, gave it a new name last week: it's a gloriette~ as in a French garden structure.
Found deep in grass a few years ago, I thought I had discovered two old awning frames at the time. Put them together - an old screenhouse top! She now has legs and a base if we choose to use her differently. For now, she hangs over the Atelier checkout.

She's glowing with market umbrella lights, and a favorite gold paper garland.
Off to work more Spring magic around here~ TERESA

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