Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sunday load 3-28-11

Are you looking for Sunday load photos? We've been hauling in and stacking up~
The gray workbench will be transformed tomorrow - I'll be sure to show you the 'after' photos. The large frame is plastic - but if you're looking for a large one, it will do the job - cheap!

The 'Tamara' locker - custom designed and built by Alan, now waiting to be picked up and taken home to Tennessee!
An admirable, petite secretary with dropfront desk

Serpentine drawers get me every time~ It even has two hidden compartments inside~
I've been here, but where has the camera been?

The apartment entree' last night - SO much behind the scenes, and alot of Spring primping. I'm having fun getting everything ready for our April in PARIS guests on April 16!

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