Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yellow and green inspiration~

~The inspiration for the Atelier shop windows today: linen floral curtain panels Their soft yellow and flowers with hints of blue and green feel just good - right here, right now~
They're lending a soft, light feeling to everything - inspiring the other pieces to glow~

Can't resist a closeup of the fender's attitude~
Green and fresh is the order of the day~

The north window taking on the warm yellows and greens~

The west window is looking great with tin and wire~

Have a good Tuesday, TERESA


Nordic Girl said...

Ooh! Love the new curtains! Like all the wire and green too.

Day to Day at The Hog Shed said...

I really enjoy your front window when I drive by. It always looks so fresh and welcoming. Happy Spring!!! Claire

TERESA said...

Thank you, thank you! FRESH is always good, isn't it? Happy you like inspiring textiles, too.