Saturday, April 9, 2011

APRIL Market Saturday 2011

We're having a great time here~ And you know that we love smiles! Gina had fun browsing yesterday - don't you love the way she's framed in the mirror? And, we caught Laura (left) and Kim soaking up some sun in our back courtyard. We love it when you can relax and spend some time here~ And then there are the birds~
Just hanging out here and there~
Even showing up in vintage botanical prints~
And the colors and textures - soak them up, too
My favorite re-do for yesterday? Take a trellis, stick it into a trunk full of pillows, add scarves~
Oh, that's right - let's look at some of our furniture and vintage stuff!
We're full of fun finds

We've restocked for a busy day today!
Great paper art~

All of our pieces are ready to set right down in your home~
The paper stakes are a hit - Emi is cutting and pasting every day just to keep up with you~
Sassy Cass will be hosting a trunk show in the Atelier today~

These are just a few of the pieces here now.

Stop by early in the day and experience her creative, beautiful touch~

So, we're having fun. If you can't be in Buffalo today, here with us, all of your interest and excitement does come through, and we appreciate it!

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Erica Cooper said...

Looks lovely Teresa! I am glad I was able to stop by and pick up some delightful things for myself, my new studio and my wonderful clients last Thursday. Thanks for the chat! Enjoy your Saturday!