Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeling royal today?

I didn't think I'd get caught up in it~

I have. The excitement, history and royal fanfare - it takes us away for a while, don't you think?
A good client stopped by the Atelier yesterday, telling me about the 'royal brunch' she'd be enjoying with friends today. She found these crown tacks, saying she knew she'd find just the right thing here. Really? How nice!

After her visit, I got into the spirit - placing crown stakes in the Atelier entrance urns~
It's great to have a reason to celebrate, gather with friends~
I didn't know I had so many 'royal' things around the apartment~
Today, my French ribbons feel all 'wedding-like' to me~
These champagne and ivory satin ribbons were used for my daughter's (Rachel's) wedding~

The tiny crown bottle stoppers take on more meaning today~

Weddings make me nostalgic~

Do you dream a little when peeking into this old iron coach, too?

Our MAY 3 (9-12), 5-6-7 (9-5) -8 (12-5) Market is shaping up. Watch for photos very soon~ TERESA

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