Friday, April 22, 2011

A grand day: April in PARIS 2011, part ONE

Our April in PARIS event at The PORCH & Atelier was grand! How could it not be? All the flowers~
Guests came in the door with fresh fleurs by the armload~

Chef Adam's menu received rave reviews (first course was a petite mix of artichokes, peppers, butter beans, Kalamata olives & Manchego cheese).

Trish, Ann, Patti and & Denise

Our guests made the day festive and fun~

Marlene, Becky & Diane

We loved how they got into the spirit of the day~

We transform the Atelier, bistro-style

Dawn and Terese

Dawn was here with family & friends - we were so pleased to host them again - how many years is it now?

Melissa & Cassie, part of our wonderful shop crew~

Melissa gave clip-on floral brooches for all the workers that day~

A peek at our program for the day~

The menu~

Bonnie and Pat

The day couldn't happen without all of our wonderful guests - or all the family and friends who come to serve, work with the flowers, and more~


Sharon (all four of my sisters were here!), Maggie (niece) & Rachel (daughter)

Today's post is just a start on everything we have to show you - photos are arriving by the day~

Watch for more about our guests, Chef Adam and the menu, the flowers, and apartment tour. Thank you to all of our wonderful guests that day! TERESA

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