Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Fresh Palette~

A fresh palette - full of possibilities- every month at The PORCH & Atelier~ Re-work, re-style, restock - and the room to do it all~
Fresh feels good, and it's great to start all over again~

Today's post could have been titled 'unintentionally neutral'

The old weathered oak of this pedestal table now greets you in the Atelier entry. She was for sale (as a stack of 'rebuild-yourself' pieces) at the MAY Market. Chef Adam came by this week (he can build, too!), and here she is! I can't wait to stage her with fresh finds.

More stools (new, $159 each) are arriving in a week or so, if you're interested in pairs~

The floral painting was in last Sunday's load~

An unintentional stack; I like it the way it looks~

Burlap bags waiting to be stenciled

Even this old box fits our neutral feel today

Stacks of tins and frames, freshly painted~

Thanks for visiting. We'll look forward to sharing the changes throughout May~ TERESA


Kari said...

Looks lovely, wish I lived closer so I could come in! Are you still planning to show pictures of the Apartment from the April in Paris event? I am so dying to see it... I've been a fan since your article in Country Living.

Renee said...

Love the little white display cabinet!
Renee @ Nostalgic Summer.

TERESA said...

Many thanks!
Kari: as you may have figured out, I'm (still) waiting on photos taken that day. Thank you for asking about them - how nice of you. If I don't get them, I'll be sure to post current photos of the apartment soon. There have been some subtle changes, and it's still an awesome place to be~