Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a teaser: our JUNE 2011 Market

Can you believe our JUNE Market opens next week at The PORCH & Atelier? We're lining it all up, stacking it, and adding all the finishing touches~
Details - I like to spend alot of time with them~

Color is popping through here and there~

Today's photos are all from the Atelier shop level.

This drum table is nicely sized - you could easily use it with two chairs~

More color! The plants are arriving~

Cascade petunias, English thyme, lilac verbena, Algerian ivies

A mirrored console/desk~

Ottomans with Frenchy graphics

You never know what you'll find. Which do I like better? The old box or the shells? Together they're great!

Watchmaker case

Stacks of mirrors, frames, smalls~
Pieces are coming in by the day - watch for lots more photos.

OPEN Tue May 31 (9-12); Thu Fri Sat June 2-3-4 (9-5); Sun June 5 (12-5)

Bon Memorial Weekend! TERESA

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