Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing dress up~

Take beautiful silk and taffeta fabrics~ Fold, wrap, pleat, pin and tie - put no limits on your imagination - it's dress up time!

It all started with these twin dress forms saying 'let's play today'

(new, adjustable height, $119 each)

I just love to have dress forms in the Atelier windows~

They have a presence, don't they?

Wear whatever they choose, and still look great - I'm impressed~

Chartreuse moire' taffeta folds into a stately ball gown~

But, the china blue silk....

....has a fun attitude

Do you agree?

Watery, almost sheer translucence in the light - a favorite color of mine~
Thanks for taking a look and seeing what we're up to here~ TERESA

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