Monday, May 23, 2011

We love soirees~

I hosted a petite private soiree in the third floor apartment~ Gloria (far right) and friends in the apartment living room

Gloria wanted to surprise her book group with a special place to meet~

So, they came here! They were all graciously interested in the history of the building, the apartment renovation, and all about my secondhand lifestyle. What a treat for me~

They enjoyed a light meal - salad, cheeses, marinated vegetables~
They were an interesting, friendly group~

I enjoyed their time here~

They toured the apartment~

Relaxed a while, too~

After all was said and done in the apartment, they shopped The PORCH & Atelier~
Thank you for making all the arrangements, Gloria!

I have more photos of the apartment to show you, watch in the coming days, and thanks for your interest, too. ~TERESA

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