Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome to our June 2011 Market

In the coming days, we'll be putting the finishing touches on our June Market! More preview for you today; watch for updates~
Our popular wall baskets

Lynn's fun chair - comfy, too.

Summer clothing is stocked up~

Larry's summer entertaining theme - what a great way to present the stemware to your guests~

Statuary, of course - all we can get~

Give me a big apothecary jar any day~

Great colors, don't you think?

Just-about-ready curved glass cabinet. There's one more shelf to add (glass) when we get her where she'll be staged.

Curvy chest, five drawers

One of my favorite things here: the metal trunk (Debbie's, $15).

Three piece iron table/chairs. There's that trunk again.

I like the stool, too. An old iron pump sits on it~

Globe on stand

"Leatherette' dropfront desk

Colleen's statuary, iron, and cool open cabinet~

Anne four-square square, crisp, white frame chalkboards. I hate to see them split up (but, they are sold individually).

Ready to move in and stay a while?

Great drafting table, nice size - yes the top does tilt.

Are you ready for us? Great, we hope to see you! Market hours are on the top right sidebar. Also, there is a page under the header photo - click for more about to shopping vintage in Buffalo. ~TERESA

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