Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simple enough #32

We love nature and gardening at The PORCH & Atelier~ It combines well with love of the old stuff~
Sometimes you find something that's just fun~ Vegetable packs are cheap, and I love to mix them among the flowers~

I think you love the look of cabbage plants, too --- those pretty gray/green, sturdy leaves. Who knows if we'll actually ever eat the cabbage, I'll let you know~

The cabbage is pretty in the gray urn with petite licorice~

Hey! How did this little natural guy sneak in? My 9mo old grandson, Owen~

More petite licorice

English thyme~

I went a little old-fashioned this year - the big door planters in the back courtyard are bursting with these cascading petunias. I haven't planted petunias in years, and am looking forward to their full effect soon (we've had a late start to our growing season here).

Fan coral, shells~

'Faux' natural pearls and a bird, too~

Thanks for taking a moment for simple enough things, TERESA