Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sunday Load 6-12-11

It was a beautiful Sunday for junking! ---and yay! for lots of junking help~ Jeanne & Mary (sisters), and Adam (son), shopped/loaded with me and made it even more fun! I don't do this alone, and don't say it often enough~
Here's a first peek at a suite of chests~ Four, in all~

Two easels, sitting on a great cast chair

Ornate mirror and bench

Second mirror (reflecting one of those chests-love that)

Wow - your first look at the red iron cart on big casters

One of my favorite pieces of the day~

(Framed) ballerina print~

A gold basket deserves a gold tassel~

Stacks of pillows

Three swivel barstools (they'll be reassembled - do what you have to do to fit them into the load!)

There are two of these storage/bookcase pieces - they have the sliding doors to close them up, too.

Thanks for checking out the Sunday load, have a great week! TERESA

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