Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Sunday Load 6-5-11

We had a great time junking around again~ The van was already half-unloaded at this point - it always looks like alot of brown, doesn't it? You already know most of it won't stay that way~
Oh - my favorite Sunday piece - but it was delivered to me via pickup - this isn't a van piece, for sure!

I've always wanted warehouse stairs! Industrial, portable - too cool~

Imagine all the display possibilities - over, under, on top - fill those steps right up. Since it's empty right now, I could stand up there and give a speech (or change lightbulbs or maybe even paint the ceiling?)

Interior of the great domed trunk (shown next)

The inside is pristine, and her exterior will be tuned up. We can get that surface rust right off, and seal her with Watco Danish Oil for a subtle finish.

Doesn't this shape just feel good? We have lots more 'natural' to show you soon~

I like trellis-style, but add prisms and light it up - fun!

See the tiered plant stand reflected in the mirror?

A good mix of glass and vintage jewelry (with lots of great chains).

I haven't found a champagne bucket in a while - look at her great embossed floral handles.

Great profile on this chair~ New, wool-blend, faded look 'Kilim' style fabric.

Thanks for checking out the Sunday load, TERESA

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