Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talent AND Personality~

Have you ever experienced just the right mix of talent and personality? We do meet the best people here!
Meet Brenda: metal artiste extraordinaire~
We're pleased to have a long-standing relationship with Brenda. We've sold her vintage typewriter key necklaces and bracelets since the first year we opened~

Over time, she has surprised us with new creations (all popular and never go out-of-style pieces) - like these petite vases made from hollow knife handles.

A little difficult to experience in these photos; they have a suction-cup for hanging on glass or a mirror~

Her plant stakes have stamped words on flatware. We offer her 'olive' forks, too (in the back/right, by the old whisk).

Easy to mail out as a surprise gift, too!

Now, she's brought her newest creations: tealight stakes fashioned from stainless spoons (about 20" tall?). She's holding her flatware dragonfly stakes in her photo, above.

Talent and personality~

A good fit with us, don't you agree? ~TERESA


Gracie's Cottage said...

Oh...clever fun! Love 'em!


Ladeeda said...

Beautiful! Such a teltned group.

Linda said...

Great feature...Brenda is so talented!

TERESA said...

I agree! Brenda, are you out there reading the comment/compliments?

Renee said...

LOVE the tealight stakes!! So creative and fun!:)

autumnplaceartscom said...

Thank You Teresa so very much for featuring me in your Blog. I will have to give Tom the credit on the welding projects. He wants me to learn but I do have enough warped recycling ideas and on going projects. I can only imagine "what next???" if I could weld!! I will be up soon to restock!!! Thanks again!!