Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Downtown Buffalo CRAZY DAYS~

It's mid-July, warm & sunny, and guess what?

It's time for Crazy Days! Our Atelier shop level will be open, and items in the back courtyard are available, too (the PORCH/lower shop level is closed until our August 2, 4-5-6-7 Market).
We're joining in with a 25% discount on our scarves~ Our vintage scarves are only $1 before the 25% off!

All of our iron hooks and finials - 25% off.

Our sterling-plate charms are included in the sale, too~

Our costume jewelry is fully stocked - yes 25% off.

Sassy Cass gems (not shown here) aren't included in the 25% off, but there are many markdowns in that jewelry group.

Drawers full of vintage pieces~

Lots of markdowns on other pieces throughout the Atelier, too. Visit our beautiful downtown Buffalo shops - they all participate. We'd love it if you stop by and enjoy a cold lemonade with us. ~TERESA


Boho Farm and Home said...

Looks great! I would like two hooks and a big finial. Could I buy them and you send them? Seriously! xoxo Caroline

TERESA said...

How fun, Caroline! I've been told before that the photos here make small items look larger - the finials are only about 5" tall, and small~ Call the shop today through Saturday (10-5) if you'd like more info about ordering, OK? 763 684-1254. Thank you!