Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More JULY 2011 Market~

If you can't be with us in the shop, we're so happy to welcome you - right here~ Our lower level entrance (missing the plants that are waiting outside)~
Let's see some photos and set the tone for you~

There's some color!

Haven't you always wanted a vintage Attwood boat steering wheel?

Great chest with its restored original finish~

Fun clothing~

Never know what you'll see next~

July is a big mark-down Market for us~

New bird prints~

Their colors make you stop a moment.

Is that Chef Adam? Yes. Is he preparing a delicious snack for us while we work? No.

He's meeting deadline right along with us!
Be careful if you mention your other talents while here, I'll hand you the staple gun~

He also covered this bench in fresh vintage fabric.

Old poker & game chips: stamped

We have about six 'wire vines'; they're $6.95 if still in their nursery pot

Great old plaster column; new barstool

Gray transferware pieces

And, there's that great chalkboard, hanging above the sideboard~

Thanks for being with us- in one way or the other, TERESA

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