Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our JULY Market Preview

Once upon a time there was a shop.... It was full of great stuff, and the prices made it even more exciting. Everywhere you looked, there was something fun, great and interesting to see~
Everything was there for your pleasure. Two floors to scout out, in a great old brick building. The ambience, music and atmosphere overwhelmed you with good feelings.

Everywhere you turned, there was something to look at, think about. The people working in the shop were friendly and made you feel welcome~

Then you realized they were even having a tag sale! Lots of pieces at even more irresistible prices? Now you really don't want the dream to end~

Well, it's all happening at The PORCH & Atelier - and you're invited~

A first-time client told me that she could tell that everything here was 'done with heart'. She noticed, thank you very much~

We're still stacking, staging and pricing~

But how about a look at some of the things here?

Doesn't the ceiling treatment add to the fairy-tale feeling?

There are several great people here with me, so there's alot to show.

Yes, we're having a tag sale, too - watch for markdowns. We'll see you soon - JULY Market dates/hours are on the top/right sidebar~ TERESA

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