Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sunday Load 7-24-11

Summer weekends and junking - is there anything better?

We're filling the shop, and having a great time~
Hey! Now I can get even more stuff - strap it right on top~

While unloading at the Atelier entrance yesterday, these six gals were waiting for the new owner to come for them~

It always creates a stir when we have pieces waiting outside. And, no wonder this is a popular spot for photo shoots - pretty cool background!

At a wedding I attended on Saturday, this little flower girl had the right idea about summer fun, didn't she? Have a great week putting your junking ideas into action, I know that I will: we open in about a week already. Tues August 2 (9-12); Thu/Fri/Sat August 4-5-6 (9-5); Sun August 7 (12-5).


Susan S. said...

Love your post....great pictures! My favorite is the girl in the white dress standing in the mud. PRICELESS!

TERESA said...

Thank you Susan~ We all thought she was pretty sweet, too!