Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our SEPTEMBER Market is just about to happen!

You'll find this welcome at our lower level entrance~A fragrant thyme bunch with wild grapes - we love the subtle seasonal transitions happening now~

Let's start (just a start - we'll use every minute of the coming days to pull everything together)with some fun stuff in the Atelier - burlap runners, in chocolate brown....

and, traditional burlap tones~

Several lengths to choose from~

Paper flower wreaths~

Ruffly kale - nature does it best~

Lots of handmade jewelry to choose from~

Large platters, leather suitcase

We've added big casters to this great box from the Sunday Load a couple weeks ago. She also received a coat of beeswax. Complete with lid, I can think of lots of places to use it~

Prints in several styles

We still love birds - do you?

And, small old clocks~

Apricot silk sofa (with bench seat cushion!), and did you notice the mantels in the background?

Another view of the mantel - alot of stuff is stacked here right now, ready for staging~

If you'd like a step ladder for display, remember there's room for pieces underneath!

Great chest with narrow drawers~

On to our lower shop level, here's a display of Anne's touch~

Clocks are back in stock~

Showing just two of four styles here now~

Hooks and pegs, of course~

This take on Colleen's space feels 'Anthropologie'~

Cupboard top, still to be placed. Some of these photos were taken in this morning's early sunlight~

We're loving gray~

These are actually old/dark greens and black pieces~
Showing better here~

Larry's shelf unit with cubbies holds alot of stuff!

Newer dress form

Frames (garden photos are an added plus - we love to stage - better than a stack of empty frames, right?)

Leslie updated a great figural lamp in a beautiful color~

Never can resist showing a pillow stack~

Lisa put together this great sculptural metal and more~

And, her furniture

and, a great chalkboard, too!

Along with outfitting a clothing area

Lynn's chair pair (reupholstered exclusively by Daytons), in perfect shape
Check out our September Market days/hours on the right sidebar above, and watch for more photos to come! TERESA

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Jeanne said...

Everything looks wonderful!