Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sunday Load 8-14-11

What a gorgeous day for any excuse to be out and about! Junking finds made it all the better~ We filled up again - want to see some of this stuff?

Shield-shape beveled mirror, red oval mirror, and yes: his and hers truck mirrors~

A great old shipping box (marked Sweden). Look at those canvas handles! She'll benefit from a cleaning and then glaze tuneup.

Linens, mink pillow, and canvas umbrella (with pink butterflies)

Beautiful symmetry to admire~

Restyling the Atelier started last week - the industrial staircase is now in the west window.

Part of that Sunday load included an old heavy scale (yes, there was a big scale in the load) - note the copper detail.

For now, she's in the back courtyard. Her rusty iron wheel base is a great blend with our August-into-Fall look out there~

There's a subtle seasonal change happening - have you noticed? It's getting dark a little earlier in the evening, and there's morning dew. In changing up some of the plantings out there, I've been having fun with 'Karalee Petite Pink'. Note how it looks with the Bronze Carolina sweet potato vine~

Karalee is a natural beauty - boasting airy, grassy wands with petite flowers that hover and dip above. They'll be surrounded soon with Bronze Carolina~
Simple. One of my favorite finds yesterday - a basket of kindling. At one time, a downed tree branch, now cut and arranged in an old bushel basket. It fits well into the seasonal changes happening here~

I'm thoroughly enjoying the comments on our JUNK BONANZA giveway post - thank you! Enter now through Saturday August 20th. Find the giveaway on the Saturday August 13 post, or check out the right sidebar and click right to it~ Have a great week, TERESA

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