Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sunday load 8-21-11

What fun, spending a morning choosing great stuff for you! A full load - what's in there?
It took creative packing, that's for sure~
Kale plants were an unexpected, fun find~

Among the finds: kale, boxwood, and vines~

In the very bottom of the load, you couldn't see this great iron piece. I love its style~

We unloaded outside the Atelier, sorting what was ready to go in. There's alot of 'industrial' in this load - today we'll be cleaning it all up~

Old factory stool - I love it when I find these~

I spy a Frenchy table! Oh, to me there's nothing better than old gilt mixed in with the galvanized stuff~

If you're looking for 'perfect', this isn't for you. No drawers. But, we have great plans for how to make her an awesome display prop. I can't wait to show her in all of her glory in the Atelier~

I'm off to get the PORCH PARIS prize pack ready. Later today (or Tuesday), I'll announce the winner and show all of the fun stuff coming their way~ Bon week, TERESA

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