Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The JUNK BONANZA Countdown is at ONE!

If you've been counting the days, tomorrow (September 15) is the opening day of the all-time, once-a-year JUNK BONANZA!Some of you have asked, and thank you - but, no, 'we' won't be selling there - but, so many of our junking friends are involved that we feel a partnership with Junk Bonanza.

Like Jane (Mustard Moon in Carver) - she's one of the first people I met in this business~

But, before meeting her, I knew Jan (Summerspell)
Brenda (Autumn Place Arts) sells her flatware stakes, and more- here at The PORCH & Atelier~

And, Judi (Rhubarb Co Store) - we've been sharing junk fun for alot of years~

These friends have all taught me alot, and there are so many others I can't wait to see when I'm there, this Friday - like Debbie (her shop is the Artique, in Anoka, MN - and she sells here with us, too)

You can't match the great stuff, enthusiasm, and just plain old fun and excitement that you'll find at JUNK BONANZA.

We love to see everyone who stops by the Atelier on their way home from BONANZA, and can't wait to hear about your good time there. The Atelier shop level is open this Thursday-Friday-Saturday (every week, 10-5). ~TERESA

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