Friday, September 16, 2011

One more day to get there: JUNK BONANZA!

I was so happy to be there today. I'm still basking (might there be such a thing as a 'junk high'?) in all the great energy, smiles, and fun! The mood there is spectacular~ Where to look and who to see first? Oh, the possibilities~
An unexpected find: this major birdcage - you'll see it in the Atelier soon. On major casters - which clinched the decision for me!

I bought it from Claudia and Rick, here with their Missouri finds~ (Side note: take notes, Teresa - go back and find what you've bought along the way.)

Jane. Mustard Moon Jane. It looks like she's signing autographs (she could), but she's just being helpful.

Bill, Jane's husband. Always a smile and friendly talk.

Jane's jockey. And, what am I still amazed by and thinking about? Jane's booth was walled on one end with stacks of old trunks. Not just a few - dozens. Alot of them had tags with their new owners' names, waiting to be picked up - it added to the fun of seeing them! You can get a hint of that trunk wall in the back of this photo - they ran down the length of her space, behind all the pieces.

I finally met Jan (left), of Gracie's Cottage. Kind of like penpals meeting up - Jan is a frequent commenter on this blog~

This new bit of statuary (found in Jan's booth) came home with me, too. You'll see her in the finished third floor apartment (in The PORCH & Atelier building) bedroom re-do that's happening now~

Judi, Rhubarb Co. Store - always a smile, she's a master at this stuff~

The next three photos are all of Judi's space~

Shayne, Style Minneapolis. Gorgeous furniture & home finds - also famous for her hand-styled jewelry~

Jan, Summerspell

Brenda, Autumn Place Arts

Angela, Found - in Rockford MN

Are you wondering if there is anything left? You'd better believe there is - vendors were bringing as much in as what was going out - and, there's something for everyone, at every price point. I couldn't believe all the collections of small stuff you could browse and choose from. What a gorgeous September weekend for getting out and about - and visiting JUNK BONANZA on their final day: Saturday, September 17. Let me know if you go!


Breana said...

I was there on opening day. What a blast! I saw that birdcage-LOVE IT!! I will be posting pics of my fabulous finds soon.

TERESA said...

How fun to get your cool comment - a blast is right! Let me know when you post your finds, OK?