Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September at The PORCH & Atelier

Seasonal changes are all around today~ The Atelier entrance urns are bursting with bright yellow mums; we've gotten lots of comments - thank you. What says fall like a mum plant?
The PORCH courtyard is shaping up. Just when I thought I was paring down for winter out there, I found some great stuff to bring in - like this workbench.

The wire vine is happy, and I'm sorry to say that we have to watch for frost warnings here and be ready to bring them in. They really are happier outdoors, so I'll push it.

English thyme~

The sedum needs to find a home where it can be planted in the ground.

Great birdhouse, don't you think?

More wire vine~

An old scale part - I like the embossed "3 B"

When a sunny day comes around, a trip to the compost site is in order. Hoping to find red dogwood, yellow willow and hydrangeas- and of course, pine boughs before the dirt freezes in the window boxes.

Thank you for stopping by ~TERESA


Anonymous said...

I love your store Candice Johnson

TERESA said...

And we love you Candice!