Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sunday Load 9-18-11, and more~

There's so much to show you, let's start with the Sunday Load~ A partial load, but we're going back for more furniture~

A fun display piece, it has glass shelves - but with it's lantern shape, I'm picturing candles inside~

The industrial cart I found at JUNK BONANZA~ Holding the urn brought in last week.

Henry, my four yr. old grandson (and proud of wearing his soccer gear) loved the birdcage found at JUNK BONANZA, too. A good perspective for you on the birdcage size!

A newly upholstered-in-linen chair came in on Saturday~

An older chair frame, its former channel back (the foam was broken down and had to be replaced) has been smoothly updated.

Yes, that price includes the pillow!

We're restocking mirrors and frames by the day. The 9/18 load has six~

Black swivel office chair and newly made (down-filled) pillow~

A friend stopped by with freshly picked sweet corn (ah, Minnesota Septembers) - eh voila, in the urn with a recipe book that just happened to be here~

Quilted velvet bedding and pillows

Jolie Raimondo has joined us, you'll be seeing her work featured here~

Jolie's talent - wow.

One of the vintage chandeliers that just joined us~

Secondhand/new chandelier on the right. I'm redecorating the third floor apartment bedroom, and need a chandlelier.....

Love hanging lights - this one has a tasseled chain pull.


Linda said...

Wonderful goodies, Teresa! It was a fabulous Bonanza!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Teresa! It was great to meet you...finally!

julieann said...

Just came across your blog. I saw that bird cage at the Bonanza. Fantastic pc... Nice lady who was selling it too...

TERESA said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts - Bonanza WAS fabulous, so true! Great people, great stuff~

Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques said...

Oh my goodness!! What a haul! Congratulations!

TERESA said...

Looking forward to seeing you at JUNK BONANZA 2012, Val~ Have a great France trip!