Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When redecorate becomes renovate~

The first sign it's renovation? When you have to move out of the room~(Third floor apartment master bedroom)

Everything out.....
and to the apartment entree'~
I'm not complaining - the living room daybed isn't a bad place to move to~
It all started months ago. We removed the part of the bedroom ceiling that was water-damaged. At the same time, I moved the pink headboard pair in (they're standing in front of the existing upholstered headboard) to see how I'd like them - of course I like them! I have yet to decide what fabric will replace the pink silk - which is actually stained and torn in places. I toyed with keeping the silk - having a PARIS apartment boudoir, but decided no when I thought about the turquoise door (shown in photo #1 above).

What started as a new ceiling progressed. Over time, new color in the room - the armoire has been dressed in my favorite gray.

(My daughter Rachel's main bath)

When deciding what to do, white/gray inspired me~

Country Living magazine (website)
And, comfy/soft fabrics, for sure~

Wall sconces and new floor paint also happened a few months ago~

It's been a process, and after looking at this for too long, help arrived!

aka Henry, my grandson~

And more able and willing help: Adam (my son), Ed (my brother), and Ted (renovator extraordinaire - his work is seen in the apartment entry and living room renovation two years ago). I have great people all around me!

So, there is hope that the apartment master bedroom will be gorgeous, and a wonderful place to be.

This may be the chandelier, but I'm already hedging on that~

Did you just note that sneak peek at the brick behind the plaster?

The planked ceiling was installed last week, not yet painted.

(Apartment living room brick detail)

Yes, we'll expose the brick on the two outside bedroom walls - will it look like this?

The same brick is in the Atelier (second building level), of course~

Watch for more progress. It's happening as I write! ~TERESA

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Pearl said...

Your apartment is amazing!! I really like what your doing. Can't wait to see the finish results. Pearl