Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sunday Load 10-16-11

Have I been too busy to post? Finding more stuff, hauling it in every day, and then staging the changes for this wonderful season we're entering. You'll find lots of fun changes and good stuff~ I love it! But, I've missed being here, and there's so much to 'show and tell'~
The shop is my home, and sharing it with you is my favorite thing to do~

With alot of great help to get it all in, I didn't get shots of the full pickup or vanloads - it was all in the shop before I knew it. This wonderful pair of 'modified' wingbacks is in the mix. Large iron votive wheel on the left.

Great lines, don't you think?

Cabinet with glass door and sides, two drawers~

Lots of galvanized: seed trays, grain bins. And, a pretty fancy large chafing dish~

These folding wire baskets are new; they came in last week ($59). We've been looking for a new source for them, and found it!

Baskets, baskets. Picture these heavy iron double basket hangers with pine greens.

Galvanized seed trays, a working toy wringer washer (never know what you'll find here....)~

Lots of lighting - shown here: a very Italian wall sconce

Tall wire basket, cool buckets inside, and four Duluth hardware drawers~

Things are happening on the PORCH shop level, too. We're cleared out and ready to fill it up again~

There's alot in the works here - I'll see you here again soon, for sure~ TERESA

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