Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We love it when you share~

We love it when you let us know what you've done with your PORCH & Atelier finds! After being at our October Market last week, Sarah sent a great email with photos of what she did with her new chalkboard. Sarah: "I wanted to share that I love your store and had so much fun hunting around on Thursday. Here's what I turned that big red-framed chalkboard into..."
Sarah's chalkboard at the shop~

And look what she's done with it! Too cool, Sarah! I'm impressed with Sarah's chalk talent, aren't you? How fun to see and read what she's done. I laughed when Sarah followed up with a second email and new photos-- Sarah: "my husband had to comment on my spelling mistakes so I corrected them....this is the guy who spell checks my grocery list....good thing it was chalk!"

The Sunday load is still in the van - watch for the post coming soon. Have a great, creative day - and make it all about the details~ Thank you to Sarah! ~TERESA

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