Thursday, November 17, 2011

White and Red and Green~

November is moving along, and we're getting everything ready for you & your holiday home~~Do you love these graphics?
Along with the parchment color of old piano rolls?
White table settings

We hope you feel like staying a while

Crisp reds

The red punch bowls glow in the daylight - light a candle in the evening- voila!


Original painting by Jolie

Boxes and crates and buckets of fresh greenery

And, of course silvery/glittery faux ferns

This great counter height island/table arrived yesterday~

Every corner is full of wonder~

A new Alan granite top bookcase; adjustable shelves (44" tall, 40.5" wide, 17.5" deep)

More silver

And white, of course~

The annual Deck the Halls of downtown Buffalo event is Saturday, December 3 - during our December Market! Be sure to sign up for our $20 gift certificate drawing when you're here.


Gracie's Cottage said...

You've got it goin' on it all!


julieann said...

Can you tell me more about Jolie? I love this cow painting and would like to know the cost.

TERESA said...

Hello Julieann, thanks for your comment~ Jolie has been offering her original paintings with us for about three months now, and we couldn't be more pleased! Her talent is exceptional. The cow painting is $95. I can get more details from her about it - just let me know, TERESA