Thursday, December 8, 2011

A December Market plus~

It's December! And, we like to have an added shopping day for you here. Come and shop the lower level this Saturday! The Atelier is open every week: Thu/Fri/Sat, 10-5~
We're saving a place for you~

There's alot here you may want to see - like these chalk place markers/signs~

Birds and light and glitter

So, of course a birdcage cloche, too~

Chalkboard sign/tray~

Webbing has been a hit here~

Paper art

We're happy you like how it feels here~

We're primping/restocking/fluffing~

Lots of Christmas, but all that other fun stuff for you, gifts, and your home, too~

Frame detail

Nice chest of drawers


I'm planning to set a special holiday table this year - how about you?

Glittery/bendable feathers are a favorite of mine right now. We still have a great supply of fresh greenery, branches, twigs and birch, too. Oh, where's the photo of our old black sled full of tall birch logs? - I hope to update later!


Boho Farm and Home said...

Love those little chalkboard placecard holders. What a treat! As always, wish your shop was closer! I would be there all the time.

TERESA said...

Thanks Caroline! I wish you were closer, too. Remember that we're good friends with Kim at Sweet Salvage - give her a hug for me next time you see her~