Monday, January 9, 2012

Anniversary Market Wrap-up~

We had a great time at our January Market - thank you!

We're all wrapped up and ready to roll more out~
Congratulations to our gift certificate prize winners! Just in case your name matches any listed, the winners have all received a call~

We love smiles! Blair was here, and posed for us with her tiara~

You all deserve a crown, thanks for nine great years (that's just in this building - The PORCH had its start in Elk River and has been around alot longer~)

One of our Atelier entrance urns had to come indoors (after breaking off its anchor bolts and trying to roll away). Now, I kind of like having it inside~
So, the shop is dimmed and quiet, but only for what seems like minutes~

So much behind-the-scenes here, and we love it!

A fresh palette to build on, transition is good --and basic to what we offer you~

We can quiet down for just a moment~

And, savor how lucky we are.

Thanks for everything, TERESA

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