Monday, January 30, 2012

FEBRUARY 2012 Market: PREVIEW two~

We're filling up! I'm commenting on just a few photos tonight, so much to show you~

There are three "dot" stools (the fabric is purple), iron bases, swivel seats; sold as a set of three: $69.

Detail of trunk on shown on previous photo

Watch the stories three mirrors tell:

#1, move in with us - relax on this adorable black wicker settee (old/sturdy), piled with soft pillows

Mirror story #2

Great black wicker bar behind the sofa, chandelier, iron barstool pair

Mirror #3~ We love mirrors, too - not only do you get a great glass accent, but their reflections say alot.

Move in and stay awhile here, too. What's on the menu?

OPEN this week: see days/hours on above right sidebar, and -- merci, TERESA

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