Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playing dress-up~

We get to 'play' around here - alot~

We're usually creating home or garden vignettes - creating moods by gathering items together that tell a story~
Making you stop for a moment.

So, when we found a beaded satin dress remnant, we made the most of it!

Someone, at some time, had cut the skirt length off, so we just added a new skirt - a flouncy one~

The beading detail still has incredible sparkle~

The satin is smooth; her pearls hand-applied.

Crispy ivory parchment paper plays against the satin very well, don't you think?
Fold, pleat, crunch, stuff - it's dress-up time, afterall~

Let's look at more of her beading detail

And her sparkly, clear rhinestones~

Admire, admire the details~

Note the leaves stitched of tiny pearls.

She might make you think wedding gown, but I'm not sure that was her original plan~

Was she a party dress - a special one?

Did she dance all night - making some great memories?

We like to think she did~

Bon weekend, TERESA

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